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    Benefits of Magnetic Locks

    You have to ensure the security in a building when you are put in charge of its operations. Some building call for you to do your best when such a responsibility is yours. You can thus settle for the traditional locks and keys, or you can opt for the more advanced and intelligent. Magnetic door locks serve as the more advanced and secure form of controlling the entry and exit of people in a building.

    A magnetic door lock employs the use of magnetic contacts on the doors that keep it firmly locked until a card swipe, or code is keyed in on a keypad to release the magnetic contacts and open the door. There is an access control system that regulates the operation of the door. Having such a system in place will give you access to several benefits.

    You for one will no longer face the cost of key cutting. As a business, you will have to hire and fire from time to time. With each new employee, you may have to make new keys for them, and also take those of the departing ones. Cutting new keys or installing new locks is an expensive affair. If the older employees had access to many locks, that cost goes up significantly. With such magnetic locks, you only need to change the access code, or deactivate a card and issue a new one. With no changes to the main hardware, you will incur fewer costs this way.

    Lost keys are also a major security threat. There will be reports of lost keys where there are people. With your keys out there, you cannot be certain your building is secure. Magnetic locks present no such threats. Even if an employee departs with their key card, you can deactivate it. If they knew the access codes, you could alter them.

    It also allows you to have a firmer grip on how secure areas are accessed. The locks and access control system make it possible to know how accessed that section, how long they did, and how many times they did. There will also be sufficient data to make the workplace more efficient.

    Another advantage it durability. Locks and keys will over time be affected by wear and tear. There is the danger of keys breaking in the locks, which can be quite the inconvenience. Magnetic locks will not present such troubles, and their wear and tear takes a significantly longer time.

    You will also appreciate the improved safety. If there is a power outage, the magnetic locks will automatically disengage. Those in the building can thus safely leave. If locks that rely on keys fail and there is danger such as a fire, it will be a disaster.

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